The day the World was gone .

Got a SMS from My nephew who lives in India ” Are you watching the news? The world will end today” its said . I was bit puzzled , replied to him ” Not watching the news lately , whats happening ?”
He replied ” Experiment in Switzerland , if it fails we all will vanish in a black hole” . OMG Did he just say Black hole ??? I called my wife in panic , asked her to check the news and she said all the 15 or so news channels were saying the same thing “BLACK HOLE ” .
Now i am not a believer in doomsday or apocalypse , but i believe in man’s stupidity , i mean if ever world is gonna end that will because some butterfinger pressed that “red button” somewhere in Pakistan or Iran or North Korea . Not otherwise. But in Europe ? How could EU allow such a careless experiment costing some 3.4 Billion $? . I was in total panic … but then checked some news online ( not Indian News ofcourse) Thanks G … the experiment was safe . Even if it had gone wrong nothing would have happend.
Foolish of me eh? Not really … Mis information /Greed for PR killed a innocent girl . Sad. Really Sad.

BTW… did you know about it? Did you panic or something ?


13 comments on “The day the World was gone .

  1. I have heard about that alday today on others blogs!! I am NOT a believer in BIG BANG at all.. Maybe it is because I am Jewish or whatever but I sooooo do not believe!

    Everything will be alright until it is time! right? please say yes! hahahaha

    Shalom & Ahava

  2. The first particles collision will take place in a few weeks, sooo the end of the world cud still happen 😀 😀 😀

    Yeah, i knew about it; i got popcorn and watched the coverage live this morning. I mean if the world was gonna end i had to know so as not to go to work

  3. lol @ darya

    no i didnt know about it

    but 2 weeks ago my colleagues were in a deep discussion about the world ending in 2012 because of some reversal of Earth’s poles

    it seems a lot of scientists out there believe that 2012 may be it

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