How can she slap me ?

Haven’t blogged for the last 10 days , Sleepless Ramadan nights is the cause , 5 hours a day ( and few naps at work ! ) are taking its toll on my body , think i have put on more weight . I tried to compose a blog post many a times, but they all sucked ! ( even by my standard) so i thought of not blogging at all .

Life in Marina is as usual , same faces going round and round , some have migrated to The Avenues, funny thing is whenever i go to the Avenues on weekends ( for shopping ) i get stopped by this total strangers , “Hey (insert my brand name) how are you? Remember me? What are you doing here ? .. ..
And i wonder what kind of questions are these? Just because i am a salesman don’t i have the right to shop like any other man in some other mall ? and whats with calling me by my Brand name??? What if i was working for ‘ fat face’ or ‘Virgin’ or Johnny Rocket ? , will they be calling me ” Hey Fat Face” or ” Hey Virgin” …. wtf? ( Johnny Rocket will be cool , always wanted some fancy name because i so hate my name )
Anyways if you are still wondering who slapped me , no one did slap me , but you gotta check this link . ( 2 min youtube )

Oh yeah ! now they accept mastercard.


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