Fatal Attraction ?

“This lady asked me for water , as i went inside my room to get water she barged in and removed her niqab and started touching me everywhere screaming ana haar , ana haar ( i’m hot , im hot ) . Some how i managed to push her away and ran outside . After two days she caught my twin brother in the elevator and did the same thing to him , he too pushed her and escaped.” ….


This is the first hand account of two of my friends who work as Watchman at this place , who are being “relentlessly” stalked ( molested ) by this niqab clad woman . They say there was a man in the car waiting for her , parked accross the street. I told them to watch out , probably this couple have done thier homework, they know these guys collect money from the tenants. Also a posibility that if she succeeds in seducing them ( she is damn gorgeous and in her 20’s) she might blackmail them for rape and take money from them …
Right now K & K are afraid to get out of thier house .

15 comments on “Fatal Attraction ?

  1. Twin brothers working at the same place???

    That is one amusing story.

    Aren’t there security cameras where they work?

  2. They take care of two buildings plus they come with added benefits , both of them are plumber/electricians so they (are made to ) do all other work for the Kafeel for free , hence they are in one place . They have camera’s but not in the elevator and Haris Gurfa … and the lady is niqab … so !

  3. LOL that’s a first! Hearing a man running away from a female molestor. As you said there might be more to it than meets the eye, if an accomplice is involved. Next you guys should give her a cold bottle of water to cool down.

  4. ok just when you wrote ana 7ar ana 7ar, it cracked me up loooool sorry I shouldn’t laugh..

    but i think someone should tell.. somehow..

  5. Hell raiser : Yeah they are pretty descent for this age and time .. i will pass the message 😛

    Shosho : Laugh all the way ! she deserves a good laugh

    >>>>>>>>>>>>.Grey <<<<<<<<<<<<

  6. if she wears a nikaab, hw can u tell she’s gorgeous and in her tweenty’s?

    Was this when she took off her niqaab?

    Well, anyway inform police b4 she goes n says smthing to the police or atleast inform the kafeel!

  7. Mathai : Bizzare yet true ..

    Sis 4 U : Yes when she came for water she took off niqab . Kafeel don’t care … thats another problem..

  8. First, I was to type, for REAL?

    Gosh, truth seems always stranger than fiction…and you might be true with your speculation.

    Can you report her or something, so they are banned from entering the vicinity?

  9. Ansam : It was even better when he re enacted it …

    Ray : ofcourse , damned if you ‘do’ it , damned if you don’t …

    Esh: They should , but they wont ..

    Mari: Strange na when a lady stalks? possibe dear …

  10. Stalking, with an accomplice.. Man I’d be disappointed if she wasn’t after me and only me lol … don’t give her anything, she didn’t make you feel special =p LOL!!

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