Thank You Lord for the good friends .

It was back in 2002 my Friend Tito asked for 50KD . Since i know him since ‘forever’ , i did lend him , then after some years he asked KD 50 again and few dinars now and then , then i lost count how much he owed me . When ever he called me he would never fail to mention the money he borrowed and promised to return it someday . Now we both started on the same boat, infact we went to the same school, highschool , college, diploma and Kuwait as well… and there is so much history. Somehow Good Lord has been good to me and i can say i am in a comfortable situation ” Al Hamdillillah” . But Tito has struggled all his life and i know the amount of money he owed people ( most of it borrowed to get married to his highschool sweetheart ) . I gave him my word that “unless he had paid the final amount of the money he owed to others i shall not take money from him ” . That was some years ago.
Today Tito called , he said he had taken half day off to meet me . He works for one of the Jamaiyya at Rawda and works without a day off to make ends meet . They ( he and his wife ) came home in the evening and then we went to the Avenues for dinner , and after the dinner as we came to the parking lot , just as i was getting in to the car he asked me for a minute and took out some money and gave it to me and said ‘ im sorry it took me this long’ … and i didn’t know how to react. I only said ‘ its ok ‘ . I wasn’t ready for that surprise .
Right now at 1.30 am i think he deserved a hug , because he is debt free . But more than that he remembered to pay me back after all these years . It’s not about money , for me his friendship is more important thats why i never asked him for my money . I don’t know if you understand what i want to say here.
But anyways…
Thats why i say ‘ Thank you Lord for the good friends ‘ Bless them .


12 comments on “Thank You Lord for the good friends .

  1. That is something! and you are something… That was so nice of you to stick by and never throw it up in his face…

    I am glad that he kept you in the back of his mind for always owing you some money!

    G-d will always provide..

    May the friendship always continue to grow!!


  2. Aww.. mashallah! That’s was sweet! I initially thought he asked you for money again and you were in a fix. Just imagine my pleasant surprise when I got to the end šŸ™‚

  3. truly a blessing!

    and i know what you mean, it’s not so much the money but it’s the thought…and now you both know you can depend on each other in times of need because it has been tested through times…

    this post is very inspirational…and has brought a smile in my face today…

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