The fish in the pond.

I came home and found ‘fish’ in the pond . My maid left it for me. I don’t understand why/how people are so forgetful to flush their goodies. The worst part is its not the first time i found fish in the pond, but never told her out of respect,… but i told her this time .

Next time i find ‘fish in the pond’ …

she’s fired.


13 comments on “The fish in the pond.

  1. That’s really disgusting lol!!
    E333.. !!
    I’d seat her comfortably in front of her “fish” and ask her to show me if she knows how to flush. And if she doesn’t, I’d teach her. If she does, I’d tell her, now I know you know, if I see a fish again, it won’t just stay in the pond. You’ll either follow it or it’ll follow you..

    =p ..

    I always follow the rule of three though, 1 nice worning, 1 not so nice worning, 1 serious and kind of threatening worning but trying to contain myself =p .. then boom!!

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