Anatomy of another fight .

I dropped the BOMB * . Yes ! i had to , she was getting irritating , at one point she put her shoes and wanted to leave the house. Now thats against the rules . There are two rules in my house 1. No storming out when the fight is on … ( leaving the house is like the ultimate weapon , you can threaten but you can’t really leave , i will tell the other rule in the end ) .
Since there was not any new topic to fight and just for my badluck my sister calls just when my wife is around ( i have never really understood the animosity between them , although they put up ‘all smiley faces’ when they meet ) anyways … Mrs Drools puts on a sad face ( for no fault of mine ) one thing leads to another , blah blah blah ! finally when i think its just getting too far and Drools is getting out of hand, I DROP THE BOMB ( ‘the bomb is a very ‘lowlife’ acusation, something like ‘You are just like your mother’ or she would tell me ” like father , like son … etc etc ) but this ‘bumb’ was different .. i have to admitt .. i can be a real dirt bag sometimes , infact i surprised myself … and the Mrs goes all ‘waaaaaaaaaa’ ! And like all ‘good fights’ this one too end up me saying ‘sorry’ among other things she wants me to admitt ( mostly i have to admitt that my Sister is wrong’ ,)
Anyways there goes my one and only week end .. but thats OK . Stupid fights only make love stronger .
In case if you are wondering whats the second rule is .. Rule no 2 . ” All fights must end before you sleep , no left overs for tomorrow’ .
Right now i can’t sleep because i am doing some ‘self searching’ ( not that .. the ‘soul’ i mean ) .


8 comments on “Anatomy of another fight .

  1. what does not kill you makes you stronger… and YES for resolving your problems/issues/matters on the spot! I am meeting a friend today who told me on the phone about things that happened when were were kids (like 20 years ago) literally dormant issues rose up! I am not looking forward to seeing her but I have to since she is a friend and I dont want to create another problem that will rise again in the next 20 years to come :-S

  2. Hijaabfied Beauty : Thanks šŸ˜›

    Ansam : lol ! thats something .. infact there is a horror movie in Hindi called ‘ bees saal baad ‘ ( twenty years later ) .. careful ! Kidding … hope it all goes well .

    Jewaira : Ekjactly.. thats what i tell her .. why the weekend … why not other days . Infact today she is at home enjoying her second weekend while i am at work .

    Big Pearl : thanks … golden rules šŸ˜›

  3. (((((HUGZ))))

    You are a good hubby!
    I hate when one fights also..
    but hey! you have a way of mending things up.. LOVE YOUR RULES!

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