Global Economic Crisis affecting the Mall?

I was attending a customer and and a guy walks upto me , and said something in Arabic . He had something in his hand which at first looked like ‘Shawarma’ but turns out it was a microphone and the dude was a CNBC reporter {i guess ! because couldn’t grasp the name cz i was thinking he was offering me Shawarma ) . He said to me ” i want to interview about the global economic crisis’ . My first reply was ” I am not Arab” . He was taken back for a moment , he said ” it’s OK you seem to talk nice Arabic ( since all this convo was in Arabic )
*flashback* in my KTV days i have seen Indians being interviewed at the “chabra” ( vegitable Market ) and see my Arab coleauges drop dread due to sheer laughter ( something to do with Cus and Koosa , ) anyhoo i didn’t want to take chances and be the laughing stock. I know people will recognize me easily . So i declined the offer of 30 seconds of fame .
Anyhoo , as he was leaving he asked me what is the effect of Global economic crisis on Marina Mall … I replied to him ” We are more worried about Avenues , than the economic crisis” ..
Honest Answer that was.


5 comments on “Global Economic Crisis affecting the Mall?

  1. That is funny! I think you have a point in being more worried about the competition than the crisis. At the end of the day most your customers get their salary straight from the government.. what crisis?!

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