Blog Action Day – My Take .

Its that time of the year again , Yep people its Blog Action Day all over again , Ironically ! i wanted to give a link to last years post , dejaVu !! it happens so that i had a bad cough and cold last year as well just like the one i have right now . As far as the trees that i planted on Last years blog action day … well now there is a 10 story building , so ‘eff’ my efforts on saving planet earth . Anyways i did what i could.
Well well what do they have this year ? Its Make poverty History .. wait thats Sir Bono’s line. So what is blog action day really ? Whats all this hallabulloo ?
According to the website What is Blog Action Day? Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web . Oh ! thats nice , they are waking us all . In turn we the bloggers will post some poor kids picture from the third world country and everyone will comment ” aww those poor bastards” . And thats it on 16th of October no one remembers ‘those poor bastards’ anymore and we wait for the next BAD event ( BAD = blog action day ). Only the genuine will take action while the rest will move on .
Well this is not me speaking but the cough syrup ! think i drank bit too much . anyways … without making a big deal of BAD ( like i did last year ) .. i promise to give KD 1 to the poor janitor at the place i work , may be i will give him some of my old clothes and shoes . May be some food … na ! i’m getting carried away … One Dinar it is .
What are you up to today?

6 comments on “Blog Action Day – My Take .

  1. while you al were into blog action day (very nice and considerate) i was preparing for FIVE60 opening and brand launch! Check my last two posts (I hope you can make it)

  2. Hehe,, I never knew such thing existed. Anyhow, the way you talked about it summarizes BAD perfectly to me. Why can’t it be about something good that the blogger actually did instead of just talking about it? That’d be a better idea in my opinion..

    Enjoyed the read…

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