Everybody was Kungu fighting

Today is fight night or what ?
The mall is full of youngster wanting to kill each other. Witnessed a massive fist fight near the “dome”, end of which one pulled a dagger ( was it plastic?) threatening the other. Luckily though security intervened. After a while same gang was fighting again.
The mall sure does require ‘ Bouncers’ , because these boys are getting bigger and bigger , i wonder what do they eat.
I hope no one got hurt , but i enjoyed the show .


8 comments on “Everybody was Kungu fighting

  1. They need their azzes whipped if they were young guys coming in to start fights… But I soooooo would have loved to see it also! lol


  2. Vixen : lol ! good thing !

    Ne : Hmm i think its the new culture/gen X 😛

    Reyazi : lol ! thanks for the link

    Mari : lol ! some one always gets hurt .

    Broca : its contageous aye?

    Ceedy : nahi Sir, Grey Fort is the translation of my first ( english ) name .. i cut it short to Grey.

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