Wilson and the scare tactics.

Wilson has this (bad) habit of pouncing on me. Whenever i am inside the ‘store room’ during my tea break or whatever , he would hide like a tiger and pounce on me , Honestly it scares the shit out of me. Every single time . I have warned him several times not to jump on me like that because its OK when i am in a good mood, but on a bad day may be i would punch him. But Wilson being Wilson always does the ‘scare tactice’ and gets good laugh.
Same thing happened today and i lost cool and gave him nice thrashing. Then when i was cool i said sorry and checked his back … at one place i could see my five fingers.

I think this is the end of the story. He will think twice for the next time … but he’s a dogs tail.


5 comments on “Wilson and the scare tactics.

  1. Dad always says this “dog tail” thingy as a proverb that I forgot,, it’s kinda funny!! ..
    I can’t stand Wilson’s!! I’m not physical myself, if that happened to me I’d love you to lend me “a hand” … Seems like yours is very effective =D

  2. Fa6ma : lol ! it was effective .. I can tell .

    Broca : lol ! Donku donke!

    Ansam : yep ! he had been warned ..:P

    Big Pearls : He is sweet alright ! thats why didnt punch him.

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