A fool named Grey

I think my car is magnet. Since morning i have had four instances where people try to cut lane as if my car was pulling them to my lane .
And i have been a bitch this morning given some bad things that happend to me with a imposter last night .
I want to punch someone in the face today . im that pissed at being conned by this momafook.

Anyways is it just me or its the latest fashion among men ? the 300 beard is in style all of a sudden… and i think its sexy ( sexy is the new cool )Spartaaaaaaaaaaa… Where is my Biscquit?

Runnin low on battey … panic makes you forget the notebook charger


2 comments on “A fool named Grey

  1. Oh Grey, it sounds like you had a situation. Do you guys have security cameras so you can share photos with the cops?

    Doesn’t little baby Grey help lighten your mood a little?

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