The Good/Bad salesman .

Once the cashier forgot to take off the security tags , and the alarm bell went off near the door. Realizing the mistake “this” cashier sincierly apologised to the man .. but the man was a prick and was not ready to accept apologies .
Something (not so) similar happened today at one of the shops at Avenues. The price at the cash counter wasn’t the same as it was mentioned on the stand. It read KD7.5 on the stand, but while scanning it was 11.5. After a little bit of beating around the bush the salesman starts to apologise . Infact he apologised so much he made me feel that if i didn’t buy for 11.5 probably he will lose his job and i paid 11.5 ( would have paid anyway since really wanted the trousers) . At one point i had to tell him ” Mr ! stop apologising ” . Anyways If the same would have happened in my shop we would have given at the said price on the stand . But i must agree this dude was a clever salesman , he wore down a salesman who has 15 years of experience (i.e Me) , which i admire.
Anyways going back to the story where this man was not ready to accept “this” cashiers apologies , the cahier finally thundered ” SIR, IT WAS A HONEST MISTAKE AND I SAID “I AM SORRY” ! WHAT ELSE YOU WANT ME TO DO ? FALL AT YOUR FEET ?”. Needless to say the man left without a word.
Moral of the story , there are good salesmen and ‘bad’ salesmen .. it only depends how you good/bad the customer is .
Ever encountered a good/bad salesperson?

5 comments on “The Good/Bad salesman .

  1. Yeah.. ZARA salesmen
    some are really nice.. some treat you as if you are invisible… I say hello they walk away, I say thanks and they give me looks!

  2. My bakala guy!!
    He’s great!! Always giving discounts and letting me pay a few days later without even writing down what I owe him. But since I am honest he never needed to worry … 🙂
    Got 2 Bakalas much closer to me and still go to him… 🙂

  3. Of course! Once I was eyeing a gold bracelet and I said it was pricy -trying to lower the price-, he said kalas get another one. I left the shop, didn’t need his shitty mood on me!!
    O the salespeople who greet and give you space are the best =)

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