So i having a terribly wreched effed up bad day.

Im having a terribly wreched day , just recovering from yesterdays stomach ailment ,rain and traffic this morning and then …………… Zain sends me a SMS that i owe them 47KD for the e-go . I was shocked , so i make a mad run to the zain counter >>> funny though i don’t remember that last time when those guys at the zain counter had helped, he asked me to go the head office .
I come back to showroom pissed. And this guy who happens to come in at the same time asks me something , and the convo turned a bit ugly end of which this guy threatening me to file a complaint with the MoI because i was being sarcastic .
… i wasn’t sarcastic…
pissed? i was . Not at him though ..he only happend to be there at the wrong time ( my wrong time)
Right now i am heading to Zain office … will cough up 47KD since they are asking for it.
Fuck the rains as well …. its not making my day any easier .


5 comments on “So i having a terribly wreched effed up bad day.

  1. OH I am sorry! I had one of them days on Saturday!

    Bless Your heart!

    Do you really owe them anything?Make sure! lol

    Sarcasm is such a turn on! LOL!!
    Even if you did not use it!

    Hope your day turns out better!

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