FREE Line from VIVA .

My homeboy Nooruddeen , who is the part time ‘ Farrash’ at our work place asked me if i had ‘wasta’ to get him the VIVA line because he was too busy to stand in the que.
I asked him what was wrong with his Zain line?
He said “All my friends have registered for a number because its FREE” .
I asked him who told you that it was FREE? .
“Everyone!!, thats why all of my friends are standing in the que to get more numbers but my work never gets over, could you get me a VIVA line if you have Wasta?” .
I tried to explain to him it was “ONLY THE REGISTRATION” is FREE not the line itself. He will have to pay for the line .

But i don’t think he wants to believe me.

If you are visiting Marina , you can see scores of Indians and Bangali’s in the que waiting to grab that FREE LINE.

In other news Norbit said that Obama should rename the ‘White House’ …
(Yes ! i work with idiots )


10 comments on “FREE Line from VIVA .

  1. Haha…maybe not…

    I like the idea of not only renaming the “white house” but maybe repainting it – that way it will surge tourism and may help the American economy….

    the idiot might just have an idea 🙂

  2. Evul : no ! but you work in Marina as well?

    Mari : 🙂

    Ceedy : ROFLMAO ! yeah may be they should repaint as well .

    Fa6ma : lol !

    Palomino : lol ! even me, wish it was free…

  3. even this morning in the avenues.,, looong que! My friend told me that they will be charging 17 fils per min which beats MTC/Zain and Wataniya!!

  4. Im sure both Wataniya and Zain pull a big surprise on the day VIVA will launch … i hope they reduce rate for India Calls…

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