The first Moslem US President ( according to Magdy)

Woke up this morning to realise that the world has changed. Barrack Obama is the new President Elect and Good old John Wayne lost the race in a landslide. Anyways , not that it makes any difference ( Barrak Obama or John McCain eitherway we are doomed because of economy aye? ) i come to work , met neigbour Magdy in the corridoor,
He said , “breaking news .. Barrack Obama is president” .
I said “I know , i saw the news ,it was bound to happen, he was the leading candidate? ..
” You know He is muslim? .”
I said ” Really? I didn’t know that !! “
Yes yes ! his name is ” Barrack Hussain Obama “.


14 comments on “The first Moslem US President ( according to Magdy)

  1. so now we gotta look out for his radical change!! All women in the US have to wear Heyab now and churches will be transformed to mosques! 😀

  2. hes not Muslim … his dad is … if he was Muslim he wouldn’t be a president … cause 1 of the shouroo6 il their Constitution the president has to be from the christian faith

  3. Not bringing religion…just checking facts…where in the world did he gather that Obama is Muslim? LOL

    Anyway, I hope Obama will be blessed with wisdom in his governance as US activities do affect majority of the world.

  4. Evil : lol ! i think you should file a case..

    Se7ven : i know , but try telling that to Magdy 😛

    Obama : me too , but im sure he will better than Bush ..

    Fa6ma : Paula Abdul is .. she’s lisbanis ..

    Palomino : I know , i know .. i just recorded a conversation .. its just what a average man thinks of Obama ..

  5. He is sooooooo not a muslim! I have gotten to meet him before and I think and feel he is a great person!

    I dunno! I think people are crazy to think that of him! I dunno!

    I am glad he made it! Now lets sit back and watch him do what he claims to want to do!

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