With or without you

Im still here,
She left us yesterday
Home alone,
no ,no there is a Kid too,
who licks wall,
climbs sofa,
He is trouble trouble
nothing but trouble
maid just ‘arrived’
Thanks God,
Im relieved,
i can ‘unload’.
(Drools will be back tomorrow.)
who ever said ‘wifeless life is gasless soda’ was absolutely right.

By GreY Posted in her

10 comments on “With or without you

  1. brocasarea : its enjoyment only the first day … then life eats you up… messy house, things thrown around.. a bad lifestyle and so ooon … i faced it last 2 months … πŸ™‚

    Grey : where did she goo…

  2. Amu : Doha for training

    Broca : Not this wife… she’s an angel

    Man in Painting : Thanks man !

    Ray : Absolutely .. you know the pain .. more over i have a hyper kid who dont want/allow to sleep * sob sob *

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