Guns n Roses – Chinese Democracy

13 years in the making , the wait is over, finally Gnr Album ‘Chinese democracy’ the entire album is up for streaming ON MYSPACE before the scheduled release on 23 of November. Although one must not compare it with the old GnR with abundant talent pool, Axl still is the King when it comes to high pitch vocals, some pretty good songs ( better, Streets of dreams ) ,otherwise just another average comeback album . But for die hard GnR fans (like me) this one will be absolutely a bonanza.

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7 comments on “Guns n Roses – Chinese Democracy

  1. I never quite thought I’d enjoy something like this. The weird thing though is that I’m in a mood where anything goes. But hey.. nah.. this is good 😀 You have good taste in music 🙂

    Oh and that tigerbalm on the butt cheeks thingy.. well, when we were in this mixed chalet in S’pore [was like 15 then], a bunch of us like put toothpaste on this other gurl’s coochie n axe oil in her arse crack, lol. She woke up a few mins later screaming while the rest of us laughed like hyenas. Ice seemed to help but her bums were red for a week, LOL!

  2. Maya : You made me laugh so hard i think i dropped something hahahaha ! which reminds me of my own kid days when we used to go NCC camps on the first night we would put toothpaste/shoe polish on everyones dick … then get butt kicked by the commanding officer next morning

    AXL rulz yey !

  3. The song “Riad and Bedouins” really pulled my attention…

    You think they’ll allow\release this album here in Kuwait? 😛

  4. I loved those guys in Appetite for destruction and Lose your illusions AXL went crazy after that. And whats with the dreadlocks, the oversize t- shirt and all that plastic surgery ? it’ll be a miracle if he can make a comeback !

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