Technical help please

OK some technical help please, my cousin bro wants me to buy this thing. I asked him for description and he wrote this on my scrapbook
tat cassette s inserted 2 d car stereo…the wire comin out can b connected 2 ipod o mp3 player so that v can hear the songs 4m tat in the car speaker…
please guys if you know what this thing is and where i can buy this … it will be a great help
Among other things .. i have not commented any of your blogs because i am in the middle of something … starting from 28th this blog will go on a hiatus of 20 days …

10 comments on “Technical help please

  1. this thing is available almost anywhere in Hawali, bin khaldoon street,,,, the prices vary from 3 kd till 30 kd! depending on the brand…. u get good ones in wala’a complex, or in carrefour…

    jus make sure that the AUX is 3.5 mm not 2.5 mm

  2. Its a tape adapter. You can get it in almost any shop in Hawalli.
    There are mainly two kinds;
    1. Simple adapter that plugs into your mp3 player and you insert it into the tape player in your car. Its cheap but there will be a wire visible.
    2. Tape adapter/standalone player with memory/card reader. this one is more expensive but you can insert memory cards in the adapter and they also work as a standalone mp3 player.

  3. Yup, Mathai is right! I’ve tried using this in the late 90s, or at least something similar, when my car didn’t have a CD player yet!

    I know there are lots of that here from China…maybe you can find one there too! 😉

    Also, you may want to check the internet!

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