Im cured of Internet addiction .. i guess !

Well , its no secret i am an internet addict , but like any other addict i am always in denial . My wife ( i won’t be calling her Drools anymore think i will call her Daphney because of rioting by a Dear bloggarette ) is always complaining that my one eye is on the computer and the other wandering like JFK . Well something happend the other day … something i can not disclose . It was a huge fight … and Daphney dear pulled the ‘solid’ punch … and left me crying .. yep ! left me crying… i walked out of the house like any other hairy chested man do after being severly beaten by his wife … but some nutcrack had parked his car adjacent to mine… being a terrible suckaa at reversing the car… i had no other option to come home with my tail under my legs .. slept on the floor… and while my balls were freezing in the cold… it was a Buddha like enlightement with the halo around my dumb head .. yes ! i have been a dumb shit ever since i bought that stupid computer home and even stupider ‘Pain’ Connection .
Well i don’t want to tell you how i mended things ( yeah ! there goes my manhood ) .. just that it ended well. Internet (at home) has been added to the list of vices . So i will keep away from it while Daphney/AJ is around .. but i know it won’t be easy like i quit smoking .

In other totally greyonic ( yeah equallent of moronic ) news .. i have this terrible crush on Beyonce …. man ! she is hot ! hot ! if i was JayZ i will make her dance 24X7 .

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14 comments on “Im cured of Internet addiction .. i guess !

  1. haaaail the great Daf πŸ˜‰ and this is one addiction you will never be cured from others wise I’ll cause another different riot!

  2. Grey, you are lucky to have a wife who speaks up, instead of simmering and then one day quietly walking out. Her explosion means she still cares.

    Ask yourself this: where do you put your greatest time and energy? Men can SAY whatever they want, it is what they DO that tells us where their priorities are. Try your best. Really – your best. πŸ™‚

  3. LOL ! Improve your driving skills dude ! I havent been married that long but it seems a fight now and then keeps things good between a couple.

    btw.. if I were JZ she wouldn’t have time to dance at all ! πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments … sorry i couldnt get back to you guys earlier as my computer concked up ! … anyways … you guys are the best … Thanks everyone …

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