its 2009 and its effed up already.

OK its 2009 and its effed up already … . Didn’t celebrate the new years countdown despite of waiting till midnight … ‘some bad news’ happen to arrive just 10 minutes before midnight and we were like ‘shit’ … there goes 2009.

Today Daphney is very sick… usually she goes by the nick name ‘steel body’ ( i being the rusted one ) .. she never falls sick.. but today she is very ill from fever and body ache.. so i rushed to the Al Mubarka Hospital in Jabriya… we were sent back. Infact we were asked to go to Rumaithiya .. honestly i have never entered Rumaithiya even during the day time… ‘how the eff am i suppose to look for a clinic in the middle of the night ????” .. what ever happened to ‘ Health care system? ha ?” ,.. i mean come on ! for eff sake.. this is 2009 … why a person holding Salmiya Home address has to visit Salmiya Clinic “ONLY” … so what if i was deing somewhere in ABDALI ?? DO i have to rush to Salmiya Clinic to get that all important Oxygen?? .. I mean it happend to me once… i collapsed in Khaitan due to heat stroke.. but i had to bloody wait for some hours untill i reached Salmiya clinic to get oxygen…. what kind of system is this? …

In other news .. the Air conditioning duct just came down with a huge thud… luckily the ‘false ceiling’ aka decore is holding it … now we are confined to this tiny bedroom… i have shifted most of the things from the hall… Untill “Mr” Haris relents to repair it ( or even examine it ) won’t be venturing to the hall…

Finally … I have this serious feeling ..09 will be a tough year for me . Dapney is saying ‘its because you don’t pray anymore’ ( which is not true) … anyways … if you read till here… you are entitled to get a free cookie.. thanks for reading.


9 comments on “its 2009 and its effed up already.

  1. I hope she gets well soon! Mubarak ha!? I remember when I was dying from the head pain and the receptionist went like: “la la, mo heni” she flicked us off to Salwa! and I then gave her a piece of my mind. I mean since one is there khalas, treat! damnit! and don’t be pessimistic, all will be good and listen to her 🙂 your wife knows best

  2. this system thing really kills people man….we dont have such things here[only in it employees]….tc….:)….

    [u can mail the cookie!!]

  3. oh that sucks dude ! Dont worry this may be a temporary setback. keep your hopes up 2009 will be a rocking year ! 😀

    can I have my cookie now? 😛

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