13 days in the life of a pathetic blogger.

So what really happened?
2009 started with all the possible omens .. as i told you in my previous post , 15 to midnight on new years eve there was this stupid bad news and after that incident all seems to have gone haphazard in my life.
First ‘steel body’ Daphney my wife falls sick with viral fever , i have never seen her so sick ..
Just then the maid goes on vacation . Till the last moment she was “Suppose” to bring her replacement but according to her the replacement said “NO” . Our maid washed her hands , i remembered someone who ‘used’ to do baby sitting , so i go to her house , after a little chit chat we agreed to keep AJ at her house for 4 hours a day along with 10 other children …. BIG MISTAKE . i tell you why later..
Meanwhile Mr AJ who had turned just 1 couple of weeks ago falls sick with fever and cold … Now here the scenario for AJ … NO NANNY + FEVER + NEW BABY SITTER = i dont know what that sums up to .
In between all this , the car breaks up , then the AC duct ( at home ) comes down . Chilling Cold weather , sick baby , sick wife, no maid , Amu’s sick , Broca’s having exams , Ne’s getting married , Ansam meets with an accident , War in Gaza , Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! i thought my head will explode …
but then somehow things seem to clear a bit , Car is OK , AJ has almost recovered , Daphney is still cauging like a old dog ( so i’m not buying a dog šŸ˜› ) , maid seems to have postphoned her vacation further ( which is bad news for her , i am gonna fire her when she comes back ) AC duct got repaired , AJ is finally walking step by step … things seem to be better …
So thats how life has been in these last 13 days …

So how are you ?

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8 comments on “13 days in the life of a pathetic blogger.

  1. ME is fine….and am not going to say hang in there cause in your situation you might probably really end up hanging in there…..

    wat a mess..man for the new year

  2. I swear I’d come over and slap your bald head! DAAAAAFFFF! Do you see what he writes here about you! ahhh! Why you so pessimistic now ;( !? Take it easy bro, all will be ok soon šŸ™‚ we all fell sick and thank god you have your family there with you safe n’ sound and you will be blessed for ever šŸ™‚

  3. Ceedy : lol Bro ! i realised that laughing at my own misery can bring some healing … hahaha !still hanging in there

    Chikabebe : Daphney wishes you a very Happy Bday .. Dont worry all is well now …. back on track again !

  4. oh man thats a bad start for the new year but its great that things are falling into place now. Wish a speedy recovery to your wife, who I hope is still not coughing like an old ..(dude! doesnt she read your blogs ? :P)
    All the best man, cheers

  5. am just ok….till now i was in a sinking boat…now in a ship….have pracs from 17th…it will be my life’s 4 most gruelling days!!…..wish u good luck!

  6. I am feeling better but off to london for a short break if things go according to the plan! I really needed one or I would explode..

  7. Mathai : yeah man ! bad start …i hate winter and thats no helping ..

    Ansam : you are unhurt thats what matters ..

    Broaca : there is place in the boat for three? cause we are on a banana raft .

    Amu :Get well soon my brother.. i hope change of place will make you feel better .

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