I rant … you read .

I didn’t realize that i did only 4 posts this January compared to some 40 posts in Jan 2008. Life took a nose dive.. thanks the liar maid, who was ‘suppose’ to be back 10 days ago. Because she lied we miscalculated so many things, like baby sitting ,transportation , part time maid etc etc. Now she is ‘ suppose’ to resume on Saturday… but her days are numbered for sure.

On the work front , bored to death as usual, same old shit … different smell . I hear no increment this time . That sucks.. but its OK , as long as we have jobs in this current situation.. wait… im a salesman .. should i be worried? whatever.
I had a new years resolution to lose 5 to 7 Kilo’s… since maid was on Vacation , i am the ‘official baby sitter’ to my Son, i have already lost more than 7KG’s in a month… all my pants are coming down.
Talking about pants, is it OK to forget to Zip the pants at work? i mean, it happened yesterday.. the fly was open for God knows how long… doesnt matter… wasn’t ‘commando’ .
You know its so dumb to ride with a 1 year old who wants to play with the ‘hand break’?
Nothing more to rant now…
Leave you with a picture.
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12 comments on “I rant … you read .

  1. I really don’t know where do you get the “domestic” assistants from but you always suffer from them! I am sure it’s better for AJ since you’re spending more time with him 🙂

  2. Awww what an adorable smiley baby…
    7 Kilos in a month looking after him?
    No wonder your maid didn’t come back in time lol 😛

  3. Love the photo, Grey!

    And don’t you have a great appreciation for what it takes to be a stay-at-home Mom??? 7 kilo! That’s amazing!

  4. 7kilos in one month!!…according to WHO loosing 10% body weight in 3 months is significant and requires evaluation…lol!!!…

    cool snap!!…nigga style:D

  5. your son can really pull off the rap star look ! lol, and some advice to his dad… wear a belt ! that’ll stop the pant falling issue.

  6. Your Son all grown up! 🙂 the maid issue is a major one. i had a tough time myself for about 5 months..

    it just got sorted out.

  7. OMG…is that AJ?! How he’s grown up…so fast…Love the fact that you are spending more time with your son, it will be your treasure in the years to come!

    There is also a significant drop in the number of post for my Jan…oh well, life!

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