If you were in my shoes…

OK ,need some serious advice, Here is the scenario , maid goes on vacation , doesnt bring her replacement as promised, comes 10 days late and not even a apology. We don’t mind, we dont even ask why she came late and she is welcome back ,.
The very first day of her work, Daphne (my wife ) get stuck at work comes 30 minutes late, and my maid starts to grumble , i mean litterlly make us feel that she is the one who is paying us.
Now since two days she has this grumpy face. May be she wants us to come to her and apologise or what ever. As for me, i want to fire her, but Daphne is reluctant.
Now here is the deliema, her husband is heart patient and they need money, plus She raised AJ since he was 15days old ( we owe her big time , not denying it ) ….
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Put up with the grumpy face or show the door?

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10 comments on “If you were in my shoes…

  1. I agree with both Chika and Amu – we don’t know what she is thinking. We don’t know why she was late and why she didn’t bring a replacement. Has her work been good with AJ? Does she take really good care of him? Is she maybe good with babies, but not so good with toddlers? Maybe she wants to go to another baby and wishes you would find someone else to take care of AJ? We don’t know, unless you sit down over a cup of tea and have a civil conversation and see how things could be worked out.

  2. Don’t be reluctant to have a heart to heart talk with her. After all, she is taking care of your child. Before letting her go, have it out with her and try to explain how you feel and give her a chance to explain her feelings. It’s obvious something is not right and you don’t want your child to suffer because of it.

  3. did anyone said grumpy?

    some maids are that way, so replace her, don’t give it a second thought.

    you got only few kids, not like over seven, you live in flate, not in a big house.

    plus need to make sure the child doesn’t get attached to the maid, so replacing her is a good way for AJ to adjust for new maids.

    in my opinion she lives best life for a maid, and if she isn’t thankful let her go to find better or worst than your place.

    p.s. 95% worst :p

  4. i would do this…(through experience)..

    Talk to her, let your wife do it. explain to her the whole thing.

    Give her like 15-30 days probabtion. In the meanwhile, start searching for a new one(without her knowing ofcourse)

  5. Thank You guys for the advice, this is what we did,

    We pretended as if there was no ‘smoke’ and everything is OK , because AJ is her “deewana” ( he is crazy for her ) .. So just for AJ we were quite and she also seems to get back to her old state of mind… but we are watching closely …

    As of now she is on probabtion till AJ is one and half year old.

    Thanks Once again

  6. Hey your maid really sucks big time. She has poor language skills, has a lot of attitude problems, manipulates you guys all the time, and has you shit faced scared. I dont know why you put up with this. My boy is just as old as yours is and we had the same dilemma but we stuck to our guns, on finding someone reliable, honest, and really capable.

    For the kind of money you pay this wack job, you can get much better. trust me, you have not really really looked have you. we pay ours just 85 and she lives with us and man she shoulders all the burden of work, in return we treat her like family, respect her, give her space, privacy, help her out when she needs it.
    As hard as it may seem cos you think u are doing the best for your boy cos he is little there is nothing better than having someone reliable taking care of him and being in his life.

    ps- she sounds like she is most definetly a bitch when u guys are not around.-

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