Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

So what i am upto these days ? not much… same old shit in a different flavour. Blogging, lurking and lots of non-facebooky forums . Thats how this blog is malnutritioned right now. I feel bad though, but then one less blog won’t hurt much.
Life is going on as usual, business is down, AJ is growing up, wife is busy with work. Some kid broke my car antenna, my best friends wife delivered a baby girl … she called me at 3am, (since i am the one with the car,) i picked her up from Ras al Salmiya , sped to Al Sabha Maternity , on the way her water broke and i am too lazy to clean the stains . This is not the first time, couple of years ago My wife’s water broke in the front seat . Didn’t clean that one either. ( but i told her i did :P) .

thats it for now… more juicy details about Grey’s life later.

Oh !Sorry i pressed the ‘Mark as read’ button on my google reader . 7 posts a day ?? OMG !


8 comments on “Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  1. Good to see you back ! but two water breaking incidents in the same post ?? whoa slow down dude.. too much information 😛

  2. I should have coined those words – same old shit in different flavour to describe my frustration at work now!

    Other than my ranting, hope all is well with you! 🙂

  3. Hey Ray, I’m still around, but the Rock blog is taking much of my time. I do 5 posts a day there and 500 hits a day is driving me temporarily insane… I will try to keep this blog alive .

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