This just didn’t happen , WTF ?

Sometimes things happen so quick , there is not enough time for reflex or shit , and you are left murmuring WTF ?

First Incident :  Ever been in a situation that some prick thinks you are invisible ? I am walking with my wife, and the dude stares at her as if she’s gonna leave my arm and run away with him. I mean WTF ??? Dude !! WTF ?? DO I LOOK INVISIBLE?
Second Incident : The dude opposite to my shop , walks towards me , i see a 20KD note in his hand, obvious that he wants change, just when he is few yards away from me, he puts the note in his mouth ‘digs in’ and adjusts his massive balls, and then…… shakes my hand. I was startled , wait thats not the word,  WTF ???? yeah ! WTF ??? does he think i am BLIND…. Been eating with spoon since last two days now .
Thats it for now !

9 comments on “This just didn’t happen , WTF ?

  1. HAHAH! I am sorry, I have been on the other end of that also, as far as them looking at me while I was with someone else. It may feel bad to the guy, but for the girl it makes her feel as if she is a piece of MEAT!!

    As far as shaking his hand, HELL NAW! I would have told him I could not do it. lol

    I am sorry you have had a WTF day!


  2. 2ND Situation
    ewww disgusting!

    first situation
    am sure she feels good about that 😉
    What if the opposite happened and some girls made a pass at you?

  3. 1. Yeah I’ve noticed guys checking out my wife too but you know the best part ?? I give them a look that says “yeah shes with me… LOSER !”

    2. Two words for you pal, HAND SANITIZER ! I use Purell 🙂

  4. Oh yeah alot of men do that.. and sometimes women maybe .. some people got some nerves walla! it happened to me and it’s very uncomfortable!

    and the second one, EWWW!!

  5. Oh my…IT Guy also complains about men staring at me though he is around…but that should make you smile and be proud of her?! 😉

    Now the other one is gross! LOL

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