That moment could have changed our lives forever.

We were at the Marina Mall to do some shopping , as usual we wanted to eat some junk food, since there was someone at the elevator already we decieded to take the escaltor, as soon as we reached the top the wheel got stuck and in the fraction of the moment i decieded to lift the pram and my son wasn’t buckled … it was all shaky , he could have fell down from the first floor or may be its my imagination … whatever… it all happened in 2 seconds… Needless to say i was shaking …. I made a promise to my wife that i will NEVER EVER take the escaltor with the pram .

Tonight we could have spent nights at different locations ( me being in the lockup for sure ) but i believe its God’s Grace. And i can’t thank HIM enough .
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13 comments on “That moment could have changed our lives forever.

  1. Oh I am so glad he’s ok.. yeah I hate doing that i never do it.. but I think men tend to do it more i donno why!

    but things like that, accidents that make your heart stop beating for a few seconds, we’ve all been there.. I remember I once left my son for like 2 seconds to get something and i came back saw him on the floor, he like 2 or 3 months there’s NO WAY I thought he’d move or anything! but he was not crying I truly believe that in moments like this, they are caught by angles.. I donno if you believe in those things but I do!

  2. thank God he is ok.

    I remember i was 13 and i was pushing my brother in his pram. I stopped on a steep road to have a look at sth and 4 got to push the brakes on the pram…well long story short i had to run after the pram to save my bro…didn’t catch him…he went straight into a lamppost :O

  3. Hope all is well with you! I miss yah!

    And hey, got a new job… πŸ˜‰

    And yes I’m at facebook…go find me (

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