Revisiting the ruins of a ghost blog .

Wow ! It’s been a while i’ve been here. So many things changed in the last few months, Don’t know if you will be interested in it anymore 😛 , (but i have been lurking you as always :P) anyways … here are few things that happened in Grey’s life
1. Fired the maid, now I have taken over the chores, not that i’m complaining, we are saving little money now. She got terminated over the phone, and she fired left and right at Daphne, Very abusive, but then it was good, it wasn’t face to face. Her sister came and took the salary ( Although our ex maid ‘donated’ her salary to us ‘beggers’ 😛  )
2. My other blog is doing quite well, Indian Indie scene has always been my passion, and i think i’m doing the right thing. Getting 700 hits a day 😛
3. Work sucks as usual, Business is VERY bad, 
don’t remember the last time we got incentives, Next three months are going to be even badder.
4. AJ has grown up ! It’s amazing to watch him. He’s become Mr Smartypants since he has started to go to the baby sitting. Maid just made him watch TV , but now he know’s to sing ‘Ba ba Batti ( blacksheep) … It’s amazing

5.Thats it folks, life’s kinda stagnant at the same time it’s flowing in other places. 
See you all around.  You guys have been much loved.

10 comments on “Revisiting the ruins of a ghost blog .

  1. Love The pic of my Nephew..

    Glad you are doing alright also..
    Love and G-d Blessing to you and your family!


  2. yeah business sucks in general…

    umm, your old maid used to donate her money to you? why did she work for then?

  3. Broca: lol ! thats what i keep telling my wife, gotta go skiing to make it more intresting, may be fall from creek too.. 😛

    Intlxpat : thanks Dear, Time ! it fly’s so fast ! He’s already grinding his teeth at me 😉

    Ne: thanks Ne ! You are the best, Much love from us too..

    Shosho : How are you ? How’s your New born? I mean he must be 6 months already right? How are you ? Miss reading your blog !

    Ammaro : hey Man ! thanks for passing by ! These days can’t predict the business at all..
    About the maid, when she got fired , she was asked to come and collect 10days salary, she said ‘I DON’T WANT, I DONATE IT TO YOU BEGGARS’ … but then next days she sent her sister to collect it 😛

  4. Eshdawa : Sorry I missed to address you , Will try to keep posting here, BTW how’s work ? I bet you enjoy work more than college 😛

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