You can talk to yourself ! and it’s OK

So this is what happened.. I’m the King of Cookoo land.

Let me explain to you,
For example when i take a shower it takes me almost an hour, 5 minutes to take bath and the remaining i just stand under the shower fighting dragons, demons, killing men at war , hitting a cricket Six to the thunderous applause or even playing air guitar ( no ! not that one) untill my wife starts to screm ‘abe! bathroom se bahar nikal'( get out of the bathroom). So this one time i got carried away and here i was at work , all alone ( my co worker at the bank), i just cut loose, I was fighting this gang of teens and finally when i won i was giving my ‘victory speech’ … and my co worker enters , i must say … that was really awkward, embarassing to be caught during the “Victory Speech” . I must have scared the living hell out of her, but she’s a great pretender, she pretended as if she didn’t see it .. pew that was close call πŸ˜›

So I pick up my wife in the evening and I told her what happened , Told her how i got caught talking to myself, expecting her to laugh and fall off the car, This is what happened next..
Her :”Oh ! my God”
Me : WHAT?
Her: You talk to Yourself?
Me: yyyeha ! so ? I bet everyone else does !!
Her: Oh No! How long this is going on?
Me: Why? Something wrong?
Her: First thing i want you to do when we go to India is YOU see the ‘Doc’ !
Her: You know “it” runs in your family?
Me: WHATTT? Why it’s OK to sing when you are alone but not talk?
Her: I don’t know, I don’t know !! don’t ask me, it’s just not right!
Me: You are not saying i’m crazy are you?
Her: I don’t know … we’ll find out when we go back home..
So people ! It’s really (not) OK to talk or fight imaginary dragons while you are alone. But even if you do ! don’t tell your wife/Husband

10 comments on “You can talk to yourself ! and it’s OK

  1. thats normal dude, I sometimes have an inner monologue when I'm alone πŸ˜›
    er.. but fighting dragons and air guitar ? you need therapy πŸ˜› lol

  2. LOL I dont talk to myself like that but I know some people who do… I do practice sometimes something I am gonna say! But you are not abnormal!

  3. you are alright Bro. lol Everything is going to be okay! I do concerts and everything when I am alone..

    Talking to yourself is normal unless you answer back!!!!

    See ya Bro,

  4. Of course it is normal…that is why we have the word — soliloquy!

    And kids do those stuff and we should always let the kids in us live! πŸ˜‰

  5. I talk, question, sing and even scold myself.

    Have no shame, I do it all the time even if I'm not alone.

    Enjoy it and embrace it πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Grey,

    I have been following you blog for quite sometime now…but I think you are busy as can't see any updates now a days. Keep going, Dude!

    Hey, would appreciate if you could visit my site and the forums too πŸ™‚


  7. yeah man i looked up this question of if its ok to talk to yourself. when i’m alone i talk to myself like i’ll imagine i just became president of the us and i’m giving my speech or i’m a 5 star general rallying the troops or something off the wall. i think its Completely normal. as long as your not hearing voices or anything like that your 100% normal. After all thats why we have imaginations. we all gotta use it.

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