Rakhi Sawant and Grey and the Missus

Hey fellas,

Remember Moa? Well me name is Grey, used to be a blogger before i fell for that darn blogstats on wordpress, nevermind that story…
Well two things happened today.. My fellow blogmate came to meet me and asked if was blogging? I said no but i was ‘lurking’…. Too bad I didn’t know that I missed to wish him on his B’day. I was caught red handed, only realized after he had left…. hehe ! Sorry mate!

Well .. if you remember the video i put up looooong ago about some ‘Rakhi Sawant’ bitchslapping her boyfriend… Well !! she went on to become a national sensation. Some stupid channel created a show called ‘Rakhi’s Swayamvar’ (wiki),
Now, like any self respecting (married) man i have vehemently opposed the show and banned my wife from watching the show when i was around reasons being ‘family value, Decency, morality etc etc’.
So in the evening around 8’ish i called my wife to check if everyone (read AJ)was OK.
Wife: I know why you are calling..
Me: Why?
Wife: You want to know whom Rakhi selected, right?
Me: Uh ! no no! I just called…
Wife: Oye! I’m married to you for seven years now, if i know you well, i know why you are calling.. She selected Elesh .
Me: REALLY? I mean really? WOW ! Thanks !! OK i’ll keep now.

8 comments on “Rakhi Sawant and Grey and the Missus

  1. Hi Grey,

    I have been following you blog for quite sometime now…but am happy to see a post after such a looong time. Keep going, Dude!

    Well, we were discussing about RKS yesterday on our forum and the majority of us did agree that she is a hopeless case 😛

    Hey, would appreciate if you could visit my site and the forums too 🙂


  2. i thought u stopped writing!!..

    love reading ur blog so keep posting frequently…howz ur son??…

    belated friendship day wishes:)

  3. @ Q8NRI : hey thanks man ! will try to come on the forums if time permits,

    Ansam:Will resurrect this blog and will comment as well, gosh i missed all the fun 😦

    Mathai: Apparently she is a clebrity , i didn't know my youtube vid got 90,000 hits 😛 , you should read the comments there friggin hilarious,

    Amu : lol ! true, she's like a lie detector 😛

    Broca: I didn't stop writing, blogging is for life, just that i got busy with my rock blog http://indianrockmp3.com/ , will try to balance both here after 🙂

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