Sorry ! I’m Busy !

Isn’ life hard? With so many things to do and so less time? For  me, I’m a very social person, socializing takes so much of time. ANd its really tiresome, sometimes just when i’m done socializing on Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 , reply to Comments on my Blogs etc etc … and i am just about to leave…. damn ! didn’t check the twitter, DIDN”T CHECK THE TWITTER??? … So put up the sign on my gtalk as BRB … but still  IM’s pop out  even the red light is on! Probably I have faked it so much,everyone knows by now that  i’m so useless that  i’m faking a  ‘Busy’  sign 😀

Anyways BRB … somethings come up ! think there is a message on twi…

7 comments on “Sorry ! I’m Busy !

  1. Oh! that IRMP3 thing that comes with my name , please excuse ! thats me GreY , just that wordpress is so stupid it doesn’t allow multi identity for different blogs… ‘ kindly adjust’

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