First ever bloggers meet.

Got a call, It was a new number ‘ Hello is this GreY?’ asked the voice from the other side, i was like ‘ugh’ .. who could it be?  He said ‘I’m Ray Boy‘ , are you coming for the bloggers meet that  ‘Mathai’ had posted three days ago?

I said, Three days ago? Sorry I didn’t check the google reader, will do it right now and let you know if I can be there or not…

The meeting place was just in my block ( Salmiya), So I asked my wife if she was interested (read begged her to come to help a nervous GreY 😀 . So Daphne, and AJ we were at the Coffee bean sharp 3.30pm , and no one was there.. I figured it out that Mathai must have meant IST (Indian Standard Time, i.e never reach a place in time :P) But 3.31pm a gentleman walked in, I was sure  it was Blogger Mathai, so I walked up to him said Are you Mathai? and bingo!! it was him. Purple walked in a bit later, And then  Mario and finally true to IST Ray Boy came in after a while. So it was like this… Four bloggers, and Purple, who doesn’t blog but reads all of them, a clueless woman who is wondering where are the ladies who were to come along with their blogger husbands :P, and a naughty todler who kept on headbanging on the pastry stand.

Anyways..  Ever seen Freiends? where Joey doesn’t get most of the stuff but pretends he does (and then goes on to buy the encyclopedia?)  No ? Watch this video (at 4.55sec)

well it was something like that, four computer nerds and a shoe salesman who doesn’t know the difference between a ram and RAM, Just when it was getting excruciatingly out of place , some one did ask the stupid question ‘Hey! any of  you guys get grounded for over using the internet’? (Needless to say that was me who asked the question), and not so surprisingly the overwhelming answer was ‘NO’ we are computer proffesionals, we are suppose to be on the net’. hehe 😆

Anyways, we had a good chat about hacking, SLR, gadgets, and King fisher beer and what not, these guys were amazingly larger than life . And I’m glad I did meet these awesome bloggers. Finally at 6pm i had to leave as ‘Coffee Latte’ was acting like a mother tucker 😆 , since i have changed my perspective on farting in public places, specially not at a bloggers meet 😀 , i had to leave . And it was fun meeting like minded people for the first time.

Oh! i did suggest Mathai to write a review on Filipino dish Balut, you guys should be reading about it soon 😛


6 comments on “First ever bloggers meet.

  1. LOL ! This posting should be enough content for the scriptwriters who wrote ‘Hangover’ to create another epic.. perhaps titled ” The End is Near – Blogosphere”

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