WTF news of the day

Apparentley an Indian Minister molested a tiger and is charged under some ‘Anti Tiger Sexual harrasment Law’. Now I’m not sure if the Tiger will be compensated or not, but the incident is comdemnable as the Minster openly ‘molested’ the Tiger in the presence of the Zoo Keeper and who else?  the ‘Tiger Cubs’!!! arghhhhh !!! . I mean WTF dude!  Get a rooom 😆
Btw if you have not seen the movie ” the Hangover”  yet ! do watch it .. one of the funniest movie ever…  another tiger molestation scene there..  but nobody was charged 😛

5 comments on “WTF news of the day

  1. This is so argghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Now a tiger, wonder wat’s next!!
    Wat’s wrong with all the people??
    The minster must marry the tiger 😛 like how some people marry dogs to ward off curses.

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