7.2mbps , really?

I subscribed to Zain  E-Go two years ago, 3mbps/15KD a month… (those days 7.2Mbps was 29 KD, this is before Viva invaded the market) I’m not much of a downloader ever since I got billed 47KD one time… that was my bad because I shouldn’t have experimented on Torrents. Anyways last three months I am being chargedmore than what I asked for, some times 20 KD, sometime 18KD, when ever I go up to the branch in Marina mall, they have two answers.. 1. Go to the head office, 2. You crossed your download limit. Now I know how much I download/Upload (not sure if they charge for uploading), So tried going to the ‘head office’ once.. I probably reached during the break time, some how I managed to find the entrance in that thick cloud of smoke (which made me wonder why they don’t have a smoking room, and why they gang up infront of the door) anyways… even at the head office I found the same answer .. ‘You crossed your Limit’.. I tried to ask.. ‘but how? I don’t download much.. the answer was cold ‘YOU CROSSED YOUR LIMIT’.. well I bet I did, I should have stayed home rather coming here, i thought in my mind..

Then again, everytime I go to the Zain counter complaining about the extra charges, They do ask me  to cancel the present line and offer a new line for 350Kbps/15KD, And I say  NO!! why would I take 350kbps for 15KD when I have 3 Mbps for 16KD?, Then there is no response from the other side of the counter… Today I checked the speed .. It’s 7.2Mbps 😆 , I’m sure I didn’t subscribe for it, Now Zain should have courtesy to either mail me or send me a SMS that they have changed the subscription and are charging accordingly, which I probably wouldn’t mind 😛

Anyways.. I am not going to give up my 7.2Mbps, I’m not sure about the bill this month or neither I’m going to ask Zain staff (at any outlet) about it. .. some things are better left un answerd 😀

Oh! FYI , I’m a complete nOOb when it comes to Intenet/Computers… this whole thing could be wrong… explain me if I’m wrong will ya 🙂


5 comments on “7.2mbps , really?

  1. Follow these easy 5 steps:
    1) Ditch Zain
    2) Buy WNET or VIVA
    3) Abuse your download\upload (Specially with VIVA)
    4) ??????????
    5) Profit!!

    No seriously, I tried both WNet and VIVA, I’ve abused the download like hell (Like, a stable 3mbps bandwidth for 3 days straight on WNet few years ago and 6mbps for 12 hours on VIVA few months ago)… I loved’em

  2. that sucks man and btw even if they say 7.2 mbps you’ll never get that speed when downloading. I think the 7.2 is like the ‘maximum possible’ speed that it can handle not the average speed.

  3. Same story here.
    It turned that “limit” to zain isn’t just downloading. It is downloading and uploading. In short, it is your Internet traffic. This is so unfair.
    Viva and Wnet are the way to go.

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