Do you have BED BUGS in your home??

I thought of writing this the other day, anyways its never too late, Just read an Article on Intlxpats blog.. its about  Bed Bugs... Just in case you have never come

This is not a cockroach

This is not a cockroach

across one here’s the picture.. take a good look at it because when you done reading this probably you will need to check the corner of your mattress to see if you can find one.. and if you are staying in one of those ‘flats’ .. i bet you know it already ..

Untill 2005 i had no idea of bed bugs other than my grand mother used to say how bed bugs were ‘Daridra’ which litterally means ‘bad luck’.  I used to stay among bachelores before the marriage.  With 6 of packed in one tiny room, 8 in other and 10 in the hall and 1 in the maids room, i.e 25 people in one ‘Flat’. After a many weeks of sleepless nights finally ‘someone’ told me it was the bedbugs.. and i realised that since all of us were bachelors and no one kept cleanliness the bed bugs merried on our blood. One of my room mate used to say that bed bugs never bit him because he had ‘bitter’ blood. Other room mate recommended that ‘cockraoches’ eat bed bugs.. so went to the filthy kitchen ( imagine 25 people using the same kitchen) and got hold of some roaches and spread it around the room anticipating them to eat the bed bugs.. Now we had two problems 1. Bed bugs which bit us even during the day time and 2.Room/house full of cockroaches.

Finally one day just when every one was at work , i bought  two cans of ‘baygon’ and sprayed like a mad man, needless to say everyone was upset when they came back as the room was stinking with baygon smell.. Surprisingly the dude who said he had ‘bitter’ blood had highest number of bed bugs under his bed 😆 , anyways i could not take this crap anymore so i left the place.

That was one incident, the other day i was at the grocery store downstairs , and i saw this bed bug moving on the grocer, I pointed out, he was terribly embarassed. Finally to make things better, i said ‘these bed bugs are everywhere’ and he nodded in agreement…

The reason I am writing this is because, In Kuwait specially in expat residential area’s the bed bugs have become ‘PANDEMIC”. People are in denial, or may be are  ignorant about it. But bed bugs are everywhere, EVERYWHERE . When we had a maid work for us (to take care my son) she bought bed bugs along with her. Finally we got rid of the maid, then we got rid of the bed bugs… but it wasn’t that easy.

So peeps.. if you are not getting sleep at night becasuse ‘something is biting you’ check the corner of the bed/mattress, if you see black spots (which is bed bugs poop) .. Go get a baygon spray ASAP!!.. Spray like a maniac, open windows, put the mattresses/bed/ sofa in the sun for a day or two..Please  Take bath before you sleep, change/wash the bedsheet every week. Lots of sunlight .. lots of sunlight… lots of sunlight.. May the force be with you !!


20 comments on “Do you have BED BUGS in your home??

  1. An interesting article… I like it, but I think you over exaggerated a little bit! I think that keeping rooms clean all the time and letting sun-light to get in will keep us save…
    I like the last paragraph where you give the advice for dealing with any bed bugs may be discovered!
    Eid Mubarak to you!

    • No dude, i didn’t in fact I skipped a lot of ‘other’ info which you would have thought over exaggeration .. thats me then, welcome to my blog

      and wish you a very Happy Eid

  2. No dear! it’s a HUGE problem in expat residential areas, I am not exaggerating, Specially in Area’s like Hasawi where bachelors stay its pandemic. Its so crazy , I once gave my blanket for dry cleaning … guess what ?? the ‘washed’ blanket came back with full of bedbugs ..

  3. Well baygons and other insecticides gives me a head ache, I feel nauseated around those chemicals. The real reason these critters succumb to spray is the vapor fumes emanating from it. They are highly sensitive to smell, that’s the reason even though they are blinder than bats they can surely find us no matter where we are, our bodily odors attract them. So the dirtier you and your surroundings the more the infestation. They like dark places as well.

    The best and cheap way to get rid of them is it keep an open can of kerosene in the room with everything closed and later open the doors and windows. Do it a couple of times and you’ll notice the difference.

  4. I had no idea! I never seen a bed bug although I can remember feeling itchy a few times, and I changed the sheets and everything was fine..
    I thought those things were microscopic, they’re big enough to poop ha? Hmmmm..

    ~ Eid mobarak! 🙂

  5. As a guy who grew up in Kuwait and then went abroad, I can tell you bedbugs are a big problem worldwide. I encountered bedbugs for the first time as a kid in our family apartment in Farwaniya. The infestation came from 2 bachelors who lived downstairs and visited our house regularly. It was a horrible experience trying to get rid of them. I remember we thoroughly investigated the pesticides available in Kuwait then and purchased cans which gave a lime smell instead of nauseating smells. We checked all the mattresses and completely sprayed them and the cracks and crevices regularly. In addition, we shut off the thermostat, opened the curtains and left for a trip to India after throwing our carpets. The intense summer heat of Kuwait killed them all as the house was like an oven. The biggest advantage of Kuwait and India is that our houses are made of concrete which bedbugs hate. They prefer wood and soft carpeting to hide in.

    If you have bedbugs understand that they themselves are not a problem. Their eggs are. They can survive long periods from most sprays. Heat and steam are the only things that kill them. Its always a good idea to buy a commercial steamer and steam the house regularly. This is HIGHLY effective and kills them faster while also saving you from dangerous pesticides.

  6. I served in the Middle East a few times and one time while I was living in a wooden “seahut” in the Kuwati desert 06, I was eatin alive everynight by these things. The bugs were unknown to military doctors etc, and they hired civilian contractors to come and inspect our bodies, living and sleeping quarters. After the inspection I never heard any update or any official word about the problem(bugs). We had to deal with the problem and it was a nightmare. Itching and burining frequently, everyday, for months.

  7. Great Article! thanks for the info! I had a huge bedbug problem in one of my buildings, I had to hire a pro to come in and take care of it. It took a minute but I finally found these guys, they were really efficient, very professional, and best of all non-toxic!

  8. Baygon spray on its own is not enough to kill these have to buy a really strong insecticide..I got one from Ace hardware store (JT Eaton).
    I live in Salmiya in a very clean neighborhood and I have this bed bug issue in my own bed..I’ve been married for only a year and I got my bedroom from Ikea and my mattress from husband turned over the mattress to see what the problem is and we found under the mattress and on the bed support (mulla) all the bugs and their eggs..needless to say, it’s driving me crazy trying to figure out why I have this issue..cuz basically it’s a bit hard to process that a company like Ikea can get me something like this.

    Anyhow, signs to know if you have bedbugs:
    1. Itching at bed during the night
    2. Skin rashes (I have them all over my arms)
    3. Blood spots on your bed sheets (from the bugs themselves)

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