Indian Schools ! WTF!!

Some serious shizz happened, starting 2011 on wrong foot  i guess, we got confused between ISCK (Indian Community School Kuwait) Amman Branch and Salmiya brach and messed up with our sons admission for LKG. Don’t want to give details, because it’s really embarrassing on our part for not paying attention for tiny details. Anyways, as a backup plan, we wanted our son to go to Don Bosco School (Indian English Academy,Salmiya). I did check the school sometime back and know that the admission forms will be given out on 2nd Jan.

Parents standing outside Don Bosco school 24 hours before the LKG admission!

Today morning (1st Jan) I got a call from a friend who said you need to hurry to Don Bosco, they are giving admission forms, I said NO, NOT POSSIBLE, it’s tomorrow morning. But my friend insisted on checking on the school. I did run to the school, 15-20 parents standing outside the school gate. First I made sure that the admission forms are handed out on 2nd, then asked one of the parents ‘Dude! WTF? are you gonna stand here in the cold weather for 24 hours??

Answer was YES !

Wow that’s funny man! I bet you want your son to get top class education and all shizz, but standing outside the school gate 24 hours before the actual admission starts?? Damn! wish I loved my son that much.

Anyways, i have made plans to camp outside Don Bosco School starting this afternoon, don’t know how i am gonna hold my shizz till morning :/

Happy New Year Everyone !

Click here to know what happened the next day.


3 comments on “Indian Schools ! WTF!!

    • Don’t know man, google or something, my kid goes to Bhavans , he’s pretty happy there as they don’t burden kids with homework till 3rd grade

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