WTF Don Bosco School??

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So finally I decided to camp outside the Don Bosco School at around 7pm, i wanted to go a bit late (i.e after eating my dinner) but had to skip it as the line was growing longer by the minute. I didn’t realize for atleast half an hour that I had to register my name on  a unofficial log book. Some of the parents who had come early had come up with an idea to register names and do the roll-call every hour. Anyone who did not/could not stand in the line for 3 roll calls his/her name was taken off.

So after the first roll call, I quickly went home, reinforced myself with thick jacket/sweater/ gloves/ muffler, anything i could grab on to keep me warm. And some snacks for the night. Time is a mothertucker when it comes to cold chill night!!!. Somehow met couple of friends, and made some new friends and tried to push time. Lot’s of discussion about what would happen in the morning as the school was giving out only 150 forms and my number was 200+ and too many hopeless parents behind me cursing the one who camped as early as 24 hours before the gates open because this mothertucker had certainly created panic and every one else was suffering.

Bonfire, smoke, snacks, farts, cold weather, we braced everything till morning hanging on a tiny hope that my son will get admission in one of the best schools in Kuwait which happens to be very near to my house. At 6.30 the gates opened, we moved closer and closer as the school kept rejecting parents who’s child was born before March 1st 2007 or after march 1st 2008. Even the ones who were born just a day or two before the dates. WTF!!! and rejecting others who had not brought the copy of the Civil ID card, WTH???. I mean imagine, a guy stands in a line for 24 hours depriving himself of water, food, toilet etc etc and in the morning he is rejected for a silly reason like ‘GO BRING A PHOTOCOPY’???  (OK it’s definitely their fault for not reading the notice board, but what ever happened to the ‘good Samaritan’?? )

This by far the most meaningless day of my life, I mean there are civilized ways to hand out forms, like put it on the school website perhaps?? HA??

Anyways.. as i inched closed to the gate with my pounding heart, if my son will get a seat for this ‘prestigious’ school, they  shut the door once 150 people were in, just 10 guys ahead of me. The school authority had no ‘courtesy’ to tell the people standing outside that they were not issuing anymore forms.

Sour grapes, i tell you! But hey !! i am glad that my Son did not get admission for Indian English Academy school, Kuwait. Because, I don’t want him to end up like one of them heartless people.

Don Bosco Sir, if you ever read this (bet you won’t) You SUCK!! Remember when Jesus rebuked disciples for not allowing little children come to him?? You just did that.. you denied my child. May God rebuke you!!


5 comments on “WTF Don Bosco School??

  1. Whats all the hype about this school? 😛
    if the administration can’t conduct admissions properly then hows the rest of the functions?
    dude last time I saw AJ he was crawling on a table at the coffee shop, didn’t realize hes ready for school! :O

  2. Have you ever heard of the story about Fox & the Grapes? I don’t see it any different. Let’s make it simple & straight. You tried, you failed & now your complaints. I’m glad that you had a place to come out with your frustrations.

    If you never wanted admission why did you line up? The hype is from the parents & not the school authorities. Had you been early that morning, you would have known the truth.

    One last question before I conclude, would you even bother to write a blog had you got an admission? I am sure you would have been on Cloud # 9.

    By the way, before suggesting any procedure for distribution of forms, I am sure & so does everyone in Kuwait that it happens year after year. What made you become a part of it?

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