Idiots on Twitter

I am a twitter addict, Yes I confess, the twitter addiction is reaching its chronic level anytime soon if I don’t control it. Not that its difficult, I’ve recently quit Facebook, I mean I don’t comment, post, share etc anymore except for using message option only when necessary. I had 1500 friends at one point on Facebook, but then on a certain status update half of them were brooding for my blood. So had to delete 800 ‘friends’ first but then eventually quit Facebook altogether.

Now that I am on twitter following just 60 people, it gets intolerable too at times, friends on twitter abuse politicians, actors, sports persons, clubs parents in fact twitter in short is a medium for whining and venting frustration, and people could be very mean at times.  I am no different either, I got my fair share of ranting episodes on celebrities too. I always thought that celebrity accounts are handled by others and they never care for mean tweets directed towards them, well that’s not true.. after watching this video I’ve decided not to abuse anyone because even celebrities are humans.


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