Kuwait Earthquake 4.2

That was unmistakable, though for a moment I thought I was having a low blood pressure bout, but  the toilet sink and the shampoo bottles were  moving unmistakably. First thought was to get out of the bathroom, definitely didn’t want to be buried while taking a dump.  Asked wife if she felt anything, she said yes, the phone was vibrating but there weren’t any messages (lol). Now I am shifting into panic mode, because I live in an old building, quick check on twitter couple of twitteratti’s (@sattamuni @YARoumi ) confirm that they felt it too. Wife declares that she doesn’t want to go to work, but no one on the streets, probably everyone is sleeping or on their way to work, we too shift back to normal in a while.. emsc-csem confirm that there was an earthquake.. I thank God that I am not hallucinating but the earthquake was real. Cool start for a lazy day.  

The last time I felt earthquake in Kuwait was back in 2007.


8 comments on “Kuwait Earthquake 4.2

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  3. i was in d same position as u….I too was takin a dump as u say… felt the tremor and looked at body wash bottles but the liquid is too thick i guess to move….then i thot maybe i was imaging things…but didnt want to take chances without ma pants on so moved out of the bathroom with pant on…. 🙂

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