Stress kills, so does blog stats

Yesterdays earthquake Kuwait 4.2 resulted in highest number of hits ever on this blog, some 500+ hits. Few years ago I would have freaked out, but having had 110K hits a month on my rock blog ( 500 seemed nothing. But then it brings in some kind of joy, if you are a blogger you know what stats mean to you. In my glory days I have blogged while eating, shitting, walking even while sleeping. That’s how addictive blog stats can be, looking back I feel miserable. Having struck with colon cancer I wonder if I missed the best part of life i.e “family” because of my blogging. Yes I did, and when I realized that I was addicted to blog stats and felt utterly miserable when the stats would not reach 4,000 mark everyday, I’d try even harder. But then it dawned upon me that ‘life was not worth wasting on blogstats’. So I quit my rock blog  which had 25K fans on Facebook and opted for life. Trust me quitting smoking was lot easier, than going unnoticed by people whom you never met.

Its been 4 months since I don’t check blog-stats every second minute. Life’s been beautiful even in the face of cancer. Never again, if life is kind and I get to stay a while never again I shall be addicted to stats…

You know I am lying right?


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