17 years in Kuwait and counting …

On this day 17 years back I landed in Kuwait to achieve my great Middle Eastern Dream. Little did I know that I would be working as a grocery clerk for the next six years, though I was told by my uncle that I was ‘manager’ at this ‘Super Market’. Turned out that the so-called Super market was a tiny ‘Baqala’ in Salmiya and I had to wash potatoes, clean the floor and also wash the car. But anyways, No regrets, because I am at fault, I have taken some of the worst decisions in life, , life would have been different if I had not taken those decisions but what the hell, a man without (higher) education is a fool, and I am one.

So these 17 years in Kuwait have been wonderful and miserable. But I bless God for these wonderful memories, in sickness and health, in Poverty and Wealth, it has been a wonderful experience. And If life is unkind and I lose this battle with cancer, I would like to be buried in Kuwait. That’s how much I love Kuwait.


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