Bounty Hunting in Kuwait, Prize 1000KD

I was at Gulf Mart Salmiya, the poster on the electric pole took my attention, it’s a ‘Wanted’ poster offering KD1,000 to find or inform the whereabouts of two Indian looking dudes (I assume they are Indians because the poster is also written  in Hindi & Malayalam).

 ONE THOUSAND KD !!!  that’s a lot of money in ‘gift’, I know people who would sell their Kidney’s for that Kind of money. I wonder, if someone actually took the pain to print of paste the pictures all over the streets in Salmiya, what must be the seriousness of the crime these guys have committed.

But then is it legal to put pictures up on Kuwait streets? I know hoardings are illegal.


One comment on “Bounty Hunting in Kuwait, Prize 1000KD

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