Serial child rapist ‘Hawalli Monster’ to Die

I don’t read newspapers any more, but a sudden urge to know what happened to the infamous Hawalli Monster who raped 18 children under the age of 10 back in 2007, So I ran a search, turns out Hajjaj Mohamed Adel Al-Saadi (aka Hawalli Monster) is sure to hang according to this news report from Arab Times.

‘Monster’ to die in boy’s rape

KUWAIT CITY : The Court of Cassation on Tuesday dismissed a petition filed by Hajjaj Mohamed Adel Al-Saadi, who is also known as the ‘Hawalli Monster’, and upheld a death sentence issued against him for kidnapping and raping a little boy.
This is the final verdict against the man, which means there is only one step left for implementation; to be approved by HH the Amir.
The Public Prosecution has charged Saadi with kidnapping a Jordanian little boy with the aim of molesting him by telling him he wanted to go to the flat of his friend in a building adjacent to the boy’s place on the pretext that he did not know how to read.
On Jan 15, 2008, the Criminal Court sentenced Saadi to capital punishment. The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict on May 29, 2008.
The session was presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel.


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