Actions speak louder than blogs

We were on our way to Al Razi hospital via Mohammad Ibn Kaseem Steet which passes through 5th and 4th ring road joining Al Jahra road where all the major hospitals are located including maternity hospital. Thank God for the good reflexes narrowly missed this massive pot hole near Al Meera Souk traffic light. If it was few years back I would have clicked this picture and gained few hits and moved on with life as an internet warrior who fights for good 😆  In fact this very blog started because of a pot hole in Jabriya. My letter to the Kuwait times Editor was published and I have been writing since then.

Then a thought in my mind that bugged me so badly I had to do something, the thought that what if a car carrying a pregnant woman passes over this pothole (this is the most frequented road by all patients going to hospital area) will she have a miss carriage? I became restless, after finishing my sons checkup at Al Razi, on my way back this urge to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT DARN POT HOLE became so loud, I stopped near National Guard HQ, picked up a traffic cone from the construction site (yep! my balls heart almost fell off because of fear that I will be caught for stealing) put it in my car and placed it in front of the pot hole.

My kid who was watching silently all this time asked ‘ Dad, what did you do? I explained to him what I did and why I did, ‘Dad You are a good boy’ said the 4-year-old. And that felt good, Damn good. Never been this proud.

P.S: If you any of you readers know someone from Kuwait municipality please ask them to fill this pot hole (location).

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