Pay Electricity & Water Bills to Renew Residence

 I haven’t paid my Electricity bill for 2 years now for some reason, today the meter reader was in our building, but couldn’t gather any information from him about how much do I owe MEW. Tried to find out online on MEW website, it said my premise ID is incorrect (tried using the old house number too but that didn’t help). Anyways since I have all the time in the world (as I am working just half day these days) will visit MEW in Salmiya and clear my dues. Meanwhile Arab Times published this article few hours ago, after traffic fines, now your residence will be put on hold if you have not cleared MEW dues. 

Though I wonder why MEW is targeting ‘Expatriates’ alone  😛 

KUWAITCITY, April 16: Expatriates will soon be required to obtain clearance from the Consumer Affairs Sector at the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) as proof that they have paid all their dues before the renewal of their residence permits, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting sources. 
Sources confirmed the ministry is currently coordinating with its Social Affairs and Labor counterpart to ensure the smooth implementation of the decision. Sources explained this is part of the ministry’s plan to collect unpaid energy bills amounting to millions of Kuwaiti dinars. 

On the other hand, the ministry is also conducting a study, in collaboration with the KuwaitMunicipality, on the possibility of stopping the issuance of commercial licenses to citizens if they fail to pay their bills. Sources revealed this is one of the measures being taken by the ministry to reduce the accumulated debts estimated at KD 300 million.


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