Two Kuwaitis Rape Young Arab Woman Inside Car

This has to be the WTF news of the day, quite unfortunate that the girl gets raped by her boyfriend and his friend, to add misery now ‘one’ of the ‘rapists’ will be ‘compelled’ to marry the girl (or face seven years of prison)  I wonder if the girl is willing to marry the guy  after this dastardly act and live the rest of her life happily ever after?. 😯  

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: Police have taken into custody two Kuwaitis for raping a young Arab woman inside a car, says Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The daily said detectives trailed the mobile phone of the victim’s boyfriend and managed to arrest him, and he confessed that his friend was hiding at the back seat of his car when they drove to a remote area and raped the girl in turns. 
The young woman had kept a handkerchief containing the semen of the two rapists with which she supported her claim.

Sources say one of the rapists will be compelled to marry the victim based on the outcome of Forensics or else they serve seven years in prison.


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