Does your Blog Suck?

I haven’t laughed this hard since that A-Side B-Side thingy some years ago. Stumbled on a blog called ‘Kuwait blogs suck!‘ which happens to be a new blog started just this August. According to the owner of the blog who is only 19 years old & a student of ‘English Major’ at a reputed university in Kuwait, most of the Kuwait blogs are ” filled with extremely biased poorly written reviews, bad pictures because every blogger thinks they’re a photographer, and horrible grammar because most Kuwait bloggers barely know English“.

 Well, I don’t contend with the quality of blogs in Kuwait especially mine being a real crappy one, (also not being ‘much educated isn’t a help either) But hey !! ‘A blog is a blog is a blog’ you just can’t take away someone’s thoughts just because they have not majored in English are lazy enough to do a spell check or draft the post on MS Word right? 😛

May be it’s time I shut down this blog and get myself an English Major 😆 

Bonus Video: Do you have Cock Coke?


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