Look what I found

So what’s the state of the ‘music industry’ in Kuwait since the demise of Virgin Megastore? I was at Muhallab mall today for the first time, first time because I avoid Hawalli under all circumstances due to which I had no time to discover the famous ‘Titanic Mall’ all these years. After bitterly disappointed with the mall (yep! Thanks to the jerks smoking inside the mall making it unbearable to breathe) walked out to get some fresh air and noticed Al Nazaer music centre opposite to the mall. Like every true metalhead music enthusiastic who faithfully downloads music my feet automatically dragged into the store. 

To be honest, it’s a sad look, it’s like visiting your grandmother who is about to breathe her last. I can’t speak for Arabic music here, but they have plenty of English CD’s which are ranged from .250 to KD5.5. A lot of this stuff is rock & Pop from the late 90’s early 00’s and are under clearance. I found some really good stuff like Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden, Wallflowers, and tons of ‘one song wonder’ pop stars whose names I can’t recollect. But the best part of the store is ‘They are still selling cassettes’ (OMG right?) for 0.500 Fills, if you are collector and got money to waste on 90’s pop this sure is the place to visit. 

This visit also reminded me of the time when I worked for Swan Lake Shop in Souk Salmiya, The year was 1998 and the shop Manger played Un Dros Tres Ole Ole Ole by Ricky Martin in a loop as if his mother was on fire. Needless to say I quit the job the next day thus successfully achieving my childhood dream of working in a ‘Music Shop’ 😆 

Back to the story; Guess what I found at Al Nazaer? VENOM – Leave me in Hell, That was a really a shocker of a find, How did Venom, a blackmetal band make it past Kuwait Ministry of Information which restricts anything that is even remotely blasphemous? And here I was looking at VENOM 😆  but then I chose not to buy it as my black metal days are over anyways, got myself a Wallflower CD instead. Crazy right?


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