Gone crazy? Blame it on the moon

Do you believe that people go a little more crazier than usual during full moon? It has been my observation that people actually get “wild” on the day before and the day after the full moon than on the full moon day itself.

What is my full moon lunacy observation? Check your twitter / Facebook feed, it’s like flood gates of frustration has opened, you/friends will whine just about anything and everything. Even the traffic on roads will be chaotic and crazy. I missed an accident narrowly twice this morning (I was at fault once). Also notice most of the ‘fights’ between couples take place on moon. So if your wife/ kid / Monster mother in Law is upset today you know whom to blame.

Just in case  you think I have gone ‘crazy’ (I blame the moon for that) More accurate Full moon lunacy observations here, here & here .

Totally Unrelated Video

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