Kuwait blogs – A Class Afart.

I am writing this post with due respect to blogger Frankom and his ‘eggs’ I am sure they are awesome.  😛 

OK, bloggers can be categorized into three categories, the Serious, the timepass, and the jobless. I’m not sure how to categorize this person who runs ‘Kuwait blogs Rock’ because she doesn’t fit in any of the three ‘regular’ categories. If you wonder what KBR is, it’s a ‘manual’ blog aggregator which picks ‘Top’ blog posts of the day helping YOU to catch up with the Kuwait blogosphere just in case you missed them on the Kuwait’s top blogdump blog-aggregator Botamba. 

So what else is special with Kuwait blogs rock you ask? One of its main motto is to ‘lift up the morale’ of the bloggers who have been electrocuted by Kuwait Blogs Suck (Damn you KBS *throws punch in the air) Though my blog hasn’t found favor by KBR (yet) I really salute the person behind this new blog, it must be a real tough job to sift through all those blogs and promote them ‘unconditionally’.  Such impeccable dedication towards Kuwait blogs truly deserves some kind of medal of sorts.

And then you complain about Kuwait blogs not being Classy? huh!

Unrelated Bonus Video.


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