The most anticipated movie of the Month – LOOPER

Looks like I am turning into a big Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. I have followed his career closely via 3rd rock from the Sun, 10 things I hate about you, Inception and the most touching movie 50/50 where JGL plays a role of a cancer patient. Just today as I was aimlessly browsing the internet I discovered his youtube channel and website . Really impressive to see a young but incredibly mature actor who contributes to art (apart from his acting career) and helps promote upcoming artists. 

 This September 29thLooper’ featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the mighty Bruce Willis (I’m a die-hard John McClain Fan for lyf) will hit the theatres, the promos look fantastic and I hope the movie will do good too. Somehow it is my gut feeling that Joseph Gordon-Lett will be the next big thing in Hollywood in the line of Leonard DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt to name a few. But I sincerely hope that he doesn’t turn into another Kevin Costner or Ben Affleck who chose wrong movies in the prime of their career.

Can’t wait to watch Looper in theaters


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